Realm Royale Champions - Season 2

We finished Season 2 of the Realm Royale Champions powered by MyNec.

After 4 weeks of battle royale madness our placement is set! We finish as 9th in the Realm Royale Champions - Season 2 by MyNec. Supporting niche games was always something we throve in and Realm Royale is no exception to that:

Here are some words from the team regarding the season:

Team manager 'Major Pataponn':

When we got invited to the Realm Royale Champions we were not sure what to expect from the event and our team but they quickly showed us that Realm Royale is exciting to watch and cheer for! We are pleased with the score and are looking forward to the next season.

Player 'Kampfstuhl'

In general we as a team are very satisfied with the outcome of our first RRC season. We will use the preparation time for the new season to analyse our gameplay and improve the micro and macro decisions, so that we can then enter the new season even stronger.

We are looking forward to the new season!

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