Get to know the wolves - 4tilt

We will be spotlighting our Smash Melee players while discussing the scene of Melee at the same time with today's guest - 4tilt.

Smash Melee – an old game with a flourishing and modern community

We will be spotlighting our Smash Melee players while discussing the scene of Melee at the same time. 

Have you ever wondered why people still play a game that has been published back in 2001? Our Smash Melee player 4tilt definitely knows! Read on to learn about the dynamics of the  Melee scene and 4tilt’s own career.

Hey there! Nice to have you today. Tell us: When did you start playing Smash Melee?

Hey! Well, I’m 25 now and I used to play Smash on the old Gamecube back when I was younger. It was really fun but eventually, I stopped playing one day. Many years later, I stumbled upon a twitch stream in which people actually still played Melee. 

So, how did you feel about that?

Well, I was surprised, to be honest. It was so cool, but so different compared to the old days. The first thing I thought was that they were playing the lighting melee mode because it looked so much faster compared to me and my childhood friends playing. But it seemed as if the game was still alive and as if there was still a passionate community. After seeing those guys on twitch, I started to look for other players in my area. In the end, we met and played together.

Cool! What was the first event that you attended?

The first event I attended was in March 2016. The tournament was called Melee Impossible and it was hosted by a good friend of mine called Cillit who I met through Melee. It was a small event with approximately 40 people and I ended up getting last place, but it was a great experience nevertheless.

You seem to be an expert of the scene: What’s so special about it?

See, I think the scene is still alive because there are so many people that simply enjoy the game. There are many Smash games, but Melee is the one I enjoy the most. You have to practice every single movement and the general level of difficulty is really high. The fact that the game still has a very active scene despite being almost 20 years old is proof that the players are in it because they love the game so much: Back in 2001, there was no possibility to play Melee online, which meant that people had to meet in person to play the game. While playing together, we developed close friendships and the whole scene here developed into a huge circle of friends. The people you play with were not sitting at home in front of a screen. They were sitting next to you and you got to know them in person. I think that this kind of regular face-to-face interaction makes the big difference. You could say that the Melee scene is a big family in which people really know each other. 

Cool! Can you tell us more about the differences between Melee and the other Smash games?

Melee is kind of hard to get into. The controls are harder compared to the newer smash games but in exchange Melee gives you a lot more freedom in terms of movement, combos and many other things. It feels like I can really express myself just by moving around the stage. Creativity is a huge point and I think it’s remarkable that one character can be played in complete opposite styles. When I see Mang0’s Falco on stream I don’t have to look at the player cam to know it’s him. I can tell just by looking at the gameplay. He’s not just playing the character Falco, he’s playing him his own way. The same thing applies to lots of other top players.

Are there any new players joining?

Yeah, there are not only the guys who played Melee when it first came out. I think that the scene consists of a good mixture between players that played Melee a long time ago and players who joined the scene just recently.

What about accessibility? 

You can either play it on console with a GameCube/Wii + a CRT or on your PC by using an emulator. Check out smashladder.com for more info on that.

What about your personal goals?

When I started playing Melee, I was getting destroyed by everybody. I just wanted to become better and better. I’ve never had “big” goals, I just played the game a lot because it was fun. When the first bavarian ranking got released I was pretty surprised to see that I was ranked 5th after only playing the game competitively for 1.5 years. Half a year later at the end of 2017 I even managed to get ranked first and I have held that spot ever since.

Nowadays I have to admit that I do not force to achieve anything – I simply like the scene, the people and the game. I don’t have a specific goal in mind. I just love the game and play it a lot so I improve over time.

What about RoyalBlue eSports? Why did you join the organization?

I wasn’t really looking for an organization when the CEO contacted me and we thought that we might achieve greater things together. I’m wearing the wolves’ jersey since January 2019 now.

Besides playing I also organize events for Project HIVE on a regular basis where some of the best players compete with each other.

What about prize money?

That’s another aspect which is peculiar to the Melee scene. The prize money consists of the money that the attendees pay into a pot.

That’s it for today’s episode!

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